See the RHS sidebar video for 7 minutes of participants’ reflections volunteered on the final day of the Level 1 training in Sydney in February 2018. For application to upcoming trainings and workshops please join the email list for announcements.

Note – new L1 certification Level 1 training with senior international IFS-Institute Trainers are planned for 2020 and 2021 – join the email list for updates and early announcements…

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) method can be learnt by anyone, is easily incorporated into professional and daily life, and can be combined effectively with a wide variety of therapeutic methods. IFS can be used by counsellors, psychotherapists, medical practitioners, dance and art therapists, and business and academic professionals. It is ideal for anyone seeking personal and spiritual growth among a community of like-minded professionals. The method is practised by thousands of therapists and other professionals throughout the USA and internationally.

You need to complete your Level 1 training before you can book a Level 2 training course, similarly completing your Level 2 course before a Level 3.

A Senior Trainer from the US Center of Self Leadership leads the program with experienced Assistants supporting learning over 2 residential retreat weeklongs (12 days in total) in a 1:3 and 1:4 ratios. Program Assistants are selected from US, UK and other international cohorts along with Australian practitioners.

You can book your training course online using the links below the Events page entry and descriptions here. Before booking your course, please confirm you have read and accept our terms and conditions.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about your course booking.

Participants from the first Level 2 IFS  course at the Baulkham Hills, Sydney retreat February 2020.

Program Assistants and Einat Bronstein (Senior Trainer) from the first official Level 2 IFS course in Australia 2020 – retreat week 2 at Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

Program Assistants and Paul Ginter (Senior Trainer) from the first Level 1 IFS course in Australia 2018 – retreat week 1 at Warburton, Victoria.

Program Assistants and Paul Ginter (Senior Trainer) from the first Level 1 IFS course in Australia 2018 – retreat week 2 at Pymble, NSW.

Participants from the first Level 1 IFS course at the Sydney retreat, Australia 2018.