Terms and Conditions

Mind Beyond Institute and IFS Australia – training courses and workshops

Terms and conditions

Participants need to be familiar with the terms and conditions on this page. Applying to and attending the Mind Beyond Institute & IFS Australia’s (‘the Organiser’) events confirms both understanding and abiding these as below.

  1. Safety is a basic and necessary requirement for learning. The Organiser presumes participants have a mature level of interpersonal competency, good communication skills, a working knowledge of counselling frameworks, and sufficient self-regulation skills to manage their own needs while attending the course.
    Any abuse, discrimination, rudeness or disrespect for any reason of anyone in the training by a participant is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  The safety of all trainers, assisting staff and participants are paramount at all times. If a participant at a training event is not able to: manage and regulate themselves adequately or they pose excessive distraction; are rude or otherwise disrespectful to the trainer, staff or any other participant; or are preventing the trainer adequately teaching the course because of their behaviour; IFS Australia reserves the right to immediately discontinue that participant’s right to participate in the remainder of the training and they will be asked to leave immediately.
    These trainings DO NOT provide basic training in trauma informed therapy or basic counselling skills.
  2. The Organiser’s training courses include experiential exercises. Please take care of your own safety by taking up the option to “pass” at any point or leave the room as necessary, and to practice appropriate self-disclosure.
  3. Confidentiality of private material shared by any participant throughout the workshop is a core expectation in line with professional standards and ethical behaviour.
  4. We expect all participants have regular supervision and ready access to therapeutic support if they need it after the training for processing personal matters that may get brought up during course training exercises.
  5. All training course participants will need to provide the Organiser with their contact details, including their email address. 
  6. The Organiser will keep a database of participants’ contact details and record their attendance at training events. This information is stored securely. Only with permission will contact details will be shared with others attending the same training, and specifically with the caveat to not be passed on to other parties, or used for purposes other than peer contact and practice. Participants should inform the course administrator/organiser’s assistant if they do not want to share contact details with other participants on the same training course.
  7. A deposit forms part the training fee, and will be required to secure a training place. The required deposit is non-refundable. In the case of withdraw ahead of the final 4 weeks Additional payments may be returned minus an administration fee.
  8. The final payment should be paid by the date(s) specified in the relevant training brochure; the full fee will be required 4 weeks prior to the commencement of training. The full fee is non-refundable at this stage.
  9. The Organiser reserves the right not to allocate places on training courses to participants who have not paid on time or made a prior alternative arrangement about payment of fees.
  10. Participants applying to do a level of training will need to commit to all training sessions at that particular level. If the minimum training hours are not completed for a level, then the full level must be repeated.  This protects the group formation, and the other participants safety and learning.
  11. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel a training course if deemed necessary. This would only happen as a last resort and in exceptional circumstances. Please note in case of cancellation we cannot reimburse any expenses you may have incurred. If you cannot attend, a qualified substitute may attend in your place, pending approval from the training team. Please take out your own comprehensive travel, medical, and accident insurances.
  12. Places on training courses will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with some trainings having prerequisite qualifications. Acceptance into the workshop/training is entirely at the discretion of the organiser.  Participants are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. If a course is over-subscribed, we will operate a waiting list and also advise on any suitable alternative training events. Please join the email lists for updates and announcements of trainings.
  13. If you have any special access needs or particular requirements, please contact us as soon as possible. While we cannot promise to meet all needs we do wish to oblige and to support best adult learning principles and practice in a professsional environment wherever we can.
  14. In the case of grievance please write to the Director, care of the Administrator (emails on each correspondence). We will attempt to respond within 30 days from receipt, however  high commitment periods may see longer response times.
  15. Please note that venues, trainers, method of delivery and training dates are occasionally subject to change. Where these change is necessary, we will endeavour to contact participants using the contact details they have supplied.
  16. The Organiser does wish to be as helpful as possible with training course fee payment – participants can contact the Organiser’s adminstrator to apply for alternative arrangements (eg a series of part-payments) if this is needed.
  17. The Organiser reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Please review this page ahead of each training.