Margot Edwards
Certified IFS Therapist, Counsellor, L1 Training, Referral accepted for Medicare Mental Health Plans
City, State:Coffs Harbour 2450 and Grafton 2460
Occupation:Counsellor, Mental Health Accredited Occupational Therapist
Professional Qualification abrvd:B.App.Sc.(O.T. hons)
IFS Training Level:Level 1
Specializations:Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EFT, Havening
Phone:0421 186 420

I accept Medicare referrals under a MHCP for people with depression, anxiety or trauma. I use a combination of IFS, Sensorimotor psychotherapy and techniques such as EFT (tapping) and Havening to "peel back the onion" of trauma and attachment issues. Mindfulness is a starting point to work slowly to help uncover core beliefs which are holding back or even grinding someone down. Work is always at the client's pace and respect and connection are central pillars of the process.

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