Louise du Toit
L1-L2-L3 Training, Mind-Body Teacher, Online by zoom/skype/phone
Email: louise@reikiforthemind.com
City, State:Gold Coast, Queensland
Occupation:Reiki Master/Mind-Body Teacher
Professional Qualification abrvd:IFS Practitioner
IFS Training Level:Level 3
Specializations:Reiki for the Mind - R4M is self lead healing. Reiki is the universal life force of energy and the Mind is what we use to direct this flow of energy by using our sensations, images, feelings (emotions) and thoughts.
Phone:+61 431328875

My name is Louise. I am a mother, a wife and a friend to myself.

A change happened in my life when I actively explored self compassion and kindness. This process naturally brought me to a point where I found my interests deepen and my curiosity increase in trying to understand where psychology meets spirituality. For me, IFS is the psycho-spiritual model that bridges these aspects of my life.

The very first time I heard about IFS, I was listening to Jay Earley in the Self Acceptance Project on SoundsTrue.com. I was instantly drawn to learning more about the modality because it felt warm and familiar.

I have since completed the IFS Online Circle, Level 1 and Level 2 in Trauma and Neuroscience and I completed Level 3 in November 2019.

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