Kate Dempsey
L1 Training
Email: kate@sexologynorthqueensland.com.au
City, State:Townsville QLD 4814
Occupation:Counsellor, Teacher/Trainer, Sex Therapist
Professional Qualification abrvd:MScMed (HSSH) Counselling, BSc, BEd, Dip Counselling
IFS Training Level:Level 1 Practitioner
Specializations:ACT, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness Therapies, Art Therapy. Sexual function and dysfunction, LGBTIQA+, PTSD, trauma and abuse
Phone:0402 476 328

Within my private practice in Townsville, North Queensland, I see individuals and all variations of coupled relationships for all issues involving sexual function and dysfunction. I have specialized postgraduate training in all areas of human sexuality through the University of Sydney and am a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists. 

As I am also a registered teacher, in addition to seeing clients privately, I believe in the importance of education and am deeply committed to community connection. As part of fulfilling this philosophy, I currently deliver Psychosexual Education as an embedded contractor within one of Phoenix Australia’s Trauma Recovery Programs in Townsville, for people diagnosed with PTSD. As part of my Masters study at the University of Sydney, I designed and wrote a module titled “Sexual Function and PTSD” which forms the basis of this work.

Having trained in the Internal Family Systems modality, I believe that this approach provides a respectful, client-empowering way to work with sexually traumatic events, deeply embedded unhelpful beliefs about the body and sex, as well as intense feelings of shame and humiliation around sexual issues.

My approach is non-judgemental and accepting of all experiences, expressions, identities, orientations and faiths. I identify as a kink friendly practitioner who understands that sexuality can be experienced in unique and complex ways. I understand that talking about sensitive issues and especially sexual ones, can be difficult so I provide a relaxed environment for people to speak openly about sex and their sexuality. I have a strong commitment to helping people develop improved awareness of their own unique sexuality and explore ways to have more pleasurable and empowering experiences. As well as managing sexuality during significant life transitions (such as parenthood, menopause, ageing, cancer treatment, surgery and chronic illness), I have completed significant professional development around trauma and understand the complexities of sexual function when recovering from trauma and abuse.

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