Jen Nield
Family Therapist, Group Facilitator, L2 Training, Psychotherapist
Occupation:Family Therapist (individuals, couples & families); Art Therapist, Group Facilitator
City, State:Melbourne, VIC
Specializations:Family Therapy, Trauma
Professional Qualification abrvd:MCFT, Grad Dip Art Therapy, GradCert.SocSciences (Family Violence)
IFS Training Level:Level 2

I have spent many years working with family violence and other forms of familial abuse. I have a strong reaction to the notion that a person is either a victim or a perpetrator and am interested in exploring each individuals experience of physical, emotional and relational rupture.

Facilitating the IFS process with clients is an extraordinary joy and honour and I welcome anybody who has a desire to explore their inner family and how they would like to present that family to the outer world.

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