Jai Friend
L1 Training, Referral accepted for Medicare Mental Health Plans
Email: jfriend@archerstreethealth.com.au
City, State:New Town, Hobart, TAS
Occupation:Social Worker, Family Therapist
Professional Qualification abrvd:Clin Social Worker, BSW, MClin Family Therapy
IFS Training Level:Level 1
Specializations:Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, Havening
Phone:03 6124 2222

Jai specialises in trauma counselling, drawing on a number of somatic based therapies for alleviating the way that trauma impacts on the body and mind. Jai takes care to work at a pace that suits each person, in accordance with the Three Phase Trauma Recovery model. Jai's approach is grounded in collaborative and strengths focussed principles, where each person is the expert on their life. She believes in the importance of individualising her sessions to suit each person's interests and skills.

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