Helen Telford
Coach, Group Facilitator, L2 Training
Email: helen@telfordconsultants.com
City, State:Sydney, NSW Australia and Queenstown, New Zealand
Occupation:Coach, Teacher/Trainer, Facilitator / consultant for groups, communities, organisations
Professional Qualification abrvd:MSW Applied, B.So.Sci., Dip.CareCo., PMP
IFS Training Level:Level 2
Phone:+61452569798 and +640277861554

If you need a bright and dynamic facilitator to run an event, achieve agreement between two or more parties working through conflict, or develop and deliver a program or presentation to a group of stakeholders, you can trust Helen Telford to deliver. With a track record of successful facilitation in varied public and private environments, Helen will apply her considerable experience to deliver your event and achieve your goals.

Helen also brings her consulting and executive experience, ensuring that you also benefit from her intuitive and insightful understanding of what follow-up you’ll need in order to progress your work after your event is concluded. With Helen, you can feel confident that your event will be effectively and sensitively run.

Helen’s skilled facilitation would be ideal if you need to:
*Bring multiple parties to agreement
*Work across divergent viewpoints to achieve consensus
*Deliver a program to one or more groups of stakeholders
*Synthesise information and prepare it for presentation to an audience.

Quick to read a room, grasp the dynamics of an organisation or a group, and adapt her style to suit, Helen Telford can ably deliver your event and ensure successful outcomes are achieved from the process.

This is your chance to secure effective, clear, and sensitive facilitation services. Helen’s leadership will ensure your attendees leave your event engaged and inspired.

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