Amitayus Syzygy
Counsellor, L1 Training, Meditation Teacher, Mind-Body Teacher, Online by zoom/skype/phone, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher
City, State:Bulleen, VIC
Occupation:Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Mind-Body Teacher (Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi etc.), Meditation Teacher
Professional Qualification abrvd:AdvDip Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Dip Counselling
IFS Training Level:Level 1

I offer Client-Centered, Trauma-Informed, Somatic and Spiritually-Grounded Transpersonal Psychotherapy, both online and in person, to both individuals and couples.

Client-Centered: This work is about helping you to get to know yourself.  I come to each session without agenda, and support you in your unfolding.  I know that your soul has a wisdom that, even if you don’t know why or understand it yet, will lead the work in the ways in which it’s meant to go.  My role is to create the container of presence, and to support you to connect to that inner wisdom, that can then guide the work. The goal is to connect you with your inner resources and support you into a place of radical Self-responsibility.

Trauma-Informed: The definition of trauma that I operate with is ‘any experience that was too much to be integrated at the time’.  This definition has helped myself and many clients be able to bring a deep compassion to their own suffering.  We will meet that trauma gently, again and again, with a loving determination.  With this gentle approach we are able to expand the capacity to sit in uncomfortable spaces, and to bring healing to the wounding within.  Somatic: The body is the vessel through which we work, the medium through which we communicate with your deeper Self.  The body doesn’t lie, and when we learn to listen to it, reveals so much.  Every session will begin with inquiring into the sensations in the body, and to tease apart the sensation from the emotion, the emotion from the judgements, the judgements from the beliefs.

Spiritually-Grounded: We work from the hard and contracted layers of personality through into the expansive layers of the depth of Being, and bring that expansion back with us into those topmost layers.  The work I offer is grounded in the spiritual systems of the Diamond Approach and Yoga.

Transpersonal: We work at different states of consciousness, that are ‘beyond’ the personality.  When we work with our personality patterns and trauma in this way, it shifts, open and releases in a more profound way that when we try to work with it from within the personality itself.  When we then return to our default state of consciousness, we return transformed.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
Entelechy & Self-Actualization
Spiritual Awakening
Men's Issues
Grief & Loss
Anxiety & Depression
Trauma & Core Wounding
Individuation & Self-Transcendence


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