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In this training you will immerse yourself in the Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) model of psychotherapy. US-based IFSI Senior Lead Trainers will offer the US-based IFS Institute’s Level One training over 12 days either online or (when post-COVID conditions allow) over the course of 2 week-long trainings, in retreat-styled workshops; these may be residential or non-residential (day-only) settings. Two teleconference group call events (up to 2 hours) will be programmed on weekends between the formal weeks of group learning

This course is designed for professionals (therapists, psychologists, counsellors, somatic therapists and body workers, certified coaches, expressive arts therapists and social workers) as well as those committed to their self-development. Participants will learn deeply the fundamental IFS concepts and techniques in order to apply them to their professional and personal lives. The format of the Training involves didactic learning as well as a wide range of experiential processes designed to help participants deepen their understanding of IFS – learning by doing as therapist, client and observer-witness.

One of the most important experiential aspects of the training involves daily opportunities to practice using IFS skills with each other, supported by more-experienced practitioners in high support ratios (usually one-to-three and one-to-four), as well as in large group work. In this way, participants learn by both doing, observing, and receiving the work. Learning objectives covered in this retreat style learning curriculum are overviewed here.

To receive the certificate of attendance you must attend BOTH weeks of training and the weekend teleconferences (usually Saturdays). For requirements to be certified as either an IFS Therapist or an IFS Practitioner see the US website.

Founded by Richard Schwartz, PhD., the Internal Family Systems model (IFS), is a cutting edge psychotherapy approach that offers therapists a non-pathological conceptual framework for understanding the human psyche. IFS respectfully guides people toward lasting and profound transformation. IFS applies family systems principles and techniques to working with inner parts of the person. It is widely used internationally in the treatment of trauma and severe diagnoses, as well as a wide variety of psychological issues and non-clinical applications such as business consulting and meditation practice. IFS offers therapists a way to make their practice more enjoyable and effective, and less effortful. It also helps them find and heal parts of themselves.

SAMHSA has recently added IFS to the US National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices rating it as “effective for improving general functioning and well-being,” and “promising for each of: improving phobia, panic, and generalized anxiety disorders and symptoms; physical health conditions and symptoms; personal resilience/self-concept; and depression and depressive symptoms.”

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