Elizabeth Granger

Elizabeth (Libba) Granger is a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over a decade as well as being a long term mindfulness practitioner, primarily in the Insight tradition. She has been teaching MBSR to the general public for 10 years and continues to be inspired by the changes that people make enhancing their own wellbeing and supporting ongoing personal growth.

Joanne Howard

I work with people in a wholistic way to find their way forward in life, empowering them by integrating and embodying the healing work.

Astrid de Ruiter

Anxiety and depression; other mood disorders; anger management; over thinking; complexPTSD; why-do-keep-doing/feeling/thinking-that?!-issues; life transitions; grief; addictions; Asperger’s; chronic pain; coping skills; self esteem; spirituality; stress; emotional disturbance or numbness

Cath Welsh

I have 20 years experience providing Counselling to people and families experiencing substance use and dependence, mental health concerns such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and providing Trauma Informed Practice.

Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie works in private practice in Adelaide. She is concerned with the human to human relationship and how we can find meaning and healing in the journey of human connection. Stephanie is passionate about creating a safe spaces where all voices and parts of a person are welcomed and the pace of the exploration is set by the client. 
Stephanie considers that “a therapist can only take a client as far as they themselves have travelled” and as such she has undertaken her own journey of healing from childhood trauma, through psychotherapy.
Stephanie is trained in Yalom Group Psychotherapy and currently runs a group for survivors of childhood abuse, along side her work with individual clients.
Specializations:  Complex Trauma, Psychosis,  BPD, Group Therapy

Timothea Goddard

Timothea works in private practice in Sydney (Bondi Junction).

She sees adults and older adolescents and works with empowering clients to find their own authority and joy in life.

She has 30 years experience in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, persistent unhelpful habits and grief and loss.

As well as IFS, Timothea has extensive training in developmental psychotherapy, somatics and mindfulness (MBSR and MiCBT) and offers courses and retreats Australia-wide.

Open for referrals.