Rebecca Paul

I have extensive experience over the last 15 years working with adults in private practice and teens in school and not for profit settings.  I weave many modalities through my practice including western and eastern philosophies.  I’m an eternal learner and love to continually update my knowledge and skills for my profession and personally.  We all journey, we all face hardship, we all have loss, heartbreak, pain, hurt, regret, sadness, anger, suffering, dreams, desires. Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward to meeting you there.

Sonia Milohanic

Specialising in somatic psychotherapy; trauma; parenting; chronic illness

Astrid de Ruiter

Anxiety and depression; other mood disorders; anger management; over thinking; complexPTSD; why-do-keep-doing/feeling/thinking-that?!-issues; life transitions; grief; addictions; Asperger’s; chronic pain; coping skills; self esteem; spirituality; stress; emotional disturbance or numbness

Naomi Rutten

General Practitioner specialising in Mental Health. Special interest in Developmental and Complex Trauma.

Sharon James

Specialising in couples and Adult Individuals experiencing emotional distress and relationship problems who want assistance with changing more than just superficial things in life.

Gaby Mason

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Sydney.

I work with people on a range of issues including; anxiety and depression, trauma, childhood experiences of neglect, life transitions, and issues of substance abuse. My hope is to collaborate with clients to explore and manage emotional challenges using warmth and humour, while holding a respect for the sacred and serious work of personal growth and healing.

All clients are welcome, but I have a special interest in working with creatives, activists and members of the LGBTQI community.

Andrea Arranga

I have worked in private practice in various locations on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, for over 9 years, and prior to this worked in a number of Commonwealth government agencies. I see people from 7 years to 60+ years of age, as well as couples and families. I see people for various symptoms and conditions including: trauma, PTSD and complex/developmental PTSD; depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, sexual and physical assault; grief and loss; adjustment to life changes; chronic health issues including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia; and relationship issues. I am able to provide longer term psychotherapy. I also provide supervision to other psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists.

You are welcome to contact me by either calling or texting my mobile number. I am sometimes unable to respond to email contact very quickly.

David Wiles

I work with individuals and couples who want to relieve themselves from past trauma, hurt, depression, anxiety or possibly having issues with alcohol or other drug use and who wish to overcome these challenges and deepen the connection with themselves and develop more satisfying, engaging relationships with others.
We will create a safe place to unravel stuck places, move toward building or repairing trust, and deal with life transitions.
Working with the body, mind and emotions can bring about more balance in our system and capacity to move forward confidently in life.

​I also teach Focusing as a self care process and employ Hypnotherapy and TRE (tension & trauma release exercises) to bring greater ease and relaxation into our system and body.

Maria Simonetta

I have a passion in helping people make lasting changes in a respectful and compassionate way where all the experiences and parts of an individual are honoured. Past experiences can be healed in a way that reduces the effect of pain and suffering in the present for a better and more fulfilling future. I work with adults, couples, families and teenagers to help them with trauma, relationships, self-esteem, addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, problem solving skills, social interaction, parenting, motivation.