Lisa Barrett

I work with people who have a sense of something being ‘not quite right’ without knowing what exactly to address, those finding themselves in similar situations or repeating similar patterns of behaviour without knowing how or why. Those looking to make changes in their life but unsure where to start or who are seeking a greater sense of integration and connection.
Issues I have worked with include perfectionism, self esteem, people-pleasing, PTSD, relationship challenges, compulsive behaviours and anxiety.
My particular interest is in supporting clients to engage more deeply with their authentic self in their healing journey. I believe the spiritual dimension of our lives is an important aspect of healing, and honour all faith orientations.

Elizabeth Granger

Elizabeth (Libba) Granger is a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over a decade as well as being a long term mindfulness practitioner, primarily in the Insight tradition. She has been teaching MBSR to the general public for 10 years and continues to be inspired by the changes that people make enhancing their own wellbeing and supporting ongoing personal growth.

Renee Hoare

Specialising in Trauma, Substance Use, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, separation and divorce, Identity issues

Rebecca Paul

I have extensive experience over the last 15 years working with adults in private practice and teens in school and not for profit settings.  I weave many modalities through my practice including western and eastern philosophies.  I’m an eternal learner and love to continually update my knowledge and skills for my profession and personally.  We all journey, we all face hardship, we all have loss, heartbreak, pain, hurt, regret, sadness, anger, suffering, dreams, desires. Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward to meeting you there.

Sonia Milohanic

Specialising in somatic psychotherapy; trauma; parenting; chronic illness

Astrid de Ruiter

Anxiety and depression; other mood disorders; anger management; over thinking; complexPTSD; why-do-keep-doing/feeling/thinking-that?!-issues; life transitions; grief; addictions; Asperger’s; chronic pain; coping skills; self esteem; spirituality; stress; emotional disturbance or numbness

Naomi Rutten

General Practitioner specialising in Mental Health. Special interest in Developmental and Complex Trauma.

Sharon James

Specialising in couples and Adult Individuals experiencing emotional distress and relationship problems who want assistance with changing more than just superficial things in life.