Susi Fox

Specialising in Sex Therapy, Couples, Families


Jai Friend

Jai specialises in trauma counselling, drawing on a number of somatic based therapies for alleviating the way that trauma impacts on the body and mind. Jai takes care to work at a pace that suits each person, in accordance with the Three Phase Trauma Recovery model. Jai’s approach is grounded in collaborative and strengths focussed principles, where each person is the expert on their life. She believes in the importance of individualising her sessions to suit each person’s interests and skills.

Arijana Hostnjak

Specialising in Spirituality Awakening, Relationship difficulties, Self esteem, Ego, Perfectionism, Not feeling good enough

Megan Doutch

Megan is a Registered Psychologist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology Practice. She enjoys working with young people and adults from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Her professional experience includes working with groups and individuals to address psychological discomfort and distress. Megan employs a collaborative, strengths-focused approach; and is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their therapeutic and life goals.

Rebecca Paul

I have extensive experience over the last 15 years working with adults in private practice and teens in school and not for profit settings.  I weave many modalities through my practice including western and eastern philosophies.  I’m an eternal learner and love to continually update my knowledge and skills for my profession and personally.  We all journey, we all face hardship, we all have loss, heartbreak, pain, hurt, regret, sadness, anger, suffering, dreams, desires. Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward to meeting you there.

Martine McDougall

Martine is a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist with extensive experience in working with complex trauma and PTSD, having worked across both the public mental health system and in private practice. Martine’s work integrates body, mind, brain, and social connectedness to understand and treat trauma.

Martine is a highly trained clinician with a background in Clinical Social Work and has broad experience providing trauma-informed therapy to a range of trauma survivors and their families, as well as expert consultation to agencies seeking to enhance their trauma-focused service delivery. Martine has specialised training in a range of therapeutic modalities and specialised trauma approaches, including EMDR, Internal Family Systems, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, attachment theory and mother/infant attachment, child and adolescent psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, family and couples therapy.

Martine also uses elements of mindfulness, meditation where appropriate and works in a way that recognises that trauma resides in the body and therefore therapy can focus on supporting clients to build connections between the mind and the body.

Martine has extensive experience in working with sexual trauma, domestic violence, chronic neglect in childhood, traumatic grief and loss issues, mood disorders, eating disorders and somatic issues.
Martine has over 14 years of experience, working with individuals from infancy through to adulthood, in the context of individual, family and couples therapy and is a qualified couples and family therapist.

Martine has trained extensively at The Boston Trauma Centre and is an accredited facilitator of Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga, which is an adjunctive trauma treatment which brings the body into trauma therapy.

Martine is registered to provide Non Directive Pregnancy counselling and has a Medicare Provider number therefore Medicare rebates can be claimed if a referral is presented from a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan. Martine has also recently completed Level 2 IFS Eating Disorders and Addictions.

Mark Baxter

Mark has been practicing as a psychologist for 16 years and finds a lot of meaning through work. He enjoys listening to people, and supporting them to transform and find freedom. Mark engages with people in a collaborative, accepting, compassionate and non-judging spirit. This is combined with his ongoing training in cognitive, behavioural, acceptance, somatic and mindfulness based approaches; including ACT, EMDR, MI and IFS. With the wave of new research and knowledge around using psychedelics for mental health, personal and spiritual growth; it’s important that people can be supported to ensure their experiences are safe and valuable. Mark provides a safe space to talk through psychedelic experiences, to integrate important insights, or to think carefully about preparation, suitability and harm minimisation.

As a psychologist, his clinical interest areas are depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and trauma recovery, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, addictions, grief, loss and experiences of existential dilemma, anguish or distress. Alongside helping people with mental health difficulties, he is equally interested in the areas that contribute to human flourishing. This includes cultivating relationships, activities and habits that promote growth, belonging and contentment. And also experiences that facilitate self-transcendent positive emotions, known to have powerful effects on our wellbeing and connectedness.

He is based in Wollongong, can provide telehealth sessions and is a registered provider with Medicare, Private Health funds, NDIS, Open Arms and WorkCover.

Claire Hill

My areas of special interest/client groups are: 

  • Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual assault and child abuse, incl. developmental/attachment trauma.
  • Experiencing perinatal mental health symptoms and/or parenting challenges.
  • Experiencing difficulties with managing mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression.
  • Struggling with grief and loss.
  • Wanting to explore their relationship with their sexual or gender identity.
  • Noticing that drug and/or alcohol use is feeling out of control, no matter how hard you try.
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties.
  • Interested in self development and/or overcoming ‘stuckness’ in day to day life.

Kelly Garfield

Kelly Garfield – Cova Psychology.

Suite 19, Level 1, 12 Collins Street,


Phone: 9654 3557

Naomi Rutten

General Practitioner specialising in Mental Health. Special interest in Developmental and Complex Trauma.