David Wiles

I work with individuals and couples who want to relieve themselves from past trauma, hurt, depression, anxiety or possibly having issues with alcohol or other drug use and who wish to overcome these challenges and deepen the connection with themselves and develop more satisfying, engaging relationships with others.
We will create a safe place to unravel stuck places, move toward building or repairing trust, and deal with life transitions.
Working with the body, mind and emotions can bring about more balance in our system and capacity to move forward confidently in life.

​I also teach Focusing as a self care process and employ Hypnotherapy and TRE (tension & trauma release exercises) to bring greater ease and relaxation into our system and body.

Mary Sdraulig

My work is informed by various trainings over the years, from Soul Centred Psychotherapy, Dream therapy (Jung), EFT and Hypnosis and IFS. Primarily my practice is with adults exploring the relational dynamics which create emotional dysregulation and belief systems resulting from trauma and anxiety that can lead to repetitive life experiences.

Leona Dawson

I specialise in helping clients get to the crux of their issue so that taking steps towards useful, creative solutions feels both natural and  motivating. I support adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, procrastination and perfectionism.

If you are not based in Sydney you can work with Leona on Zoom & Skype.

You can

  • experience relief from trauma, depression, anxiety, pain and stress
  • find freedom from persistent unhelpful emotions, habits or patterns
  • work through life & work transitions or challenges with more confidence
  • build emotional resilience, self-trust and confidence
  • improve decision-making, motivation & commitment
  • use IFS in daily life to improve relationships & communication

As a trainer/group facilitator with 25+ years experience I also offer customised IFS short courses to groups and teams.

Leona is also an accredited supervisor offering IFS-Oriented Supervision for IFS therapists & practitioners (one-to-one or group).

Qualifications: Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Masters in Adult Education, DipTranspersonal Art Therapy, Dip ClinHypnosis.

You can contact Leona here.