Bulletins for Level 1 – May & August 2018



This is the final Bulletin prior to us all arriving at Palotti.


Critical information re Palotti:


  1. The weather will be cold (by Australian standards). Likely to be raining and overnight temperatures of around 3 degrees Celsius with a daytime maximum of 11-13 degrees. Bring appropriately warm clothes/layers & some wet weather gear.
  2. Bedroom Heating: Our beds have 2 blankets and an electric blanket. The rooms have hydronic (column) heating which will take the chill out of the air.
  3. Just a double check that you have received the most recent Bulletins and all updates – they are collected on the private webpage here: https://www.internalfamilysystemstrainingaustralia.com.au/bulletins-for-level-1-may-august-2018. Please check you have read closely and acquainted yourself with the key venue and travel information. Shuttle information is in Bulletin#2 if you follow this link.
  4. Parking, on site, is at top of the driveway up against the building or across the carpark facing the valley.  If all spots are taken park behind the main building (follow the loop road around).
  5. Remember shops are 10min away by car so if you need specialty foods/snacks/items it’s best to pick them up on the way to Palotti.
  6. Breakfast is self-serve in the kitchenette in the accommodation wing. If you need something more than fruit, toast &/or cereals you might like to pick it up on your way to Palotti.
  7. Wifi: there is no wifi at Palotti. If you are flying in from overseas you might want to pick up an Australian SIM card at the airport that is data generous so your phone can become a hotspot if you want to work on your iPad, Tablet, laptop.
  8. Personal care items: You need to bring your own hairdryer/iron if you need them. Fragrance-free personal toiletries please 🙂

Other info


  1. There are 2 evenings (optional) of dance movement /free expression to world music and guided meditation (think of 5 Rhythms or Open Floor). Please bring your ecstatic self to have fun, unwind, loosen up & move freely. You might like to bring light clothes for this activity.
  2. Morning activities/warmups between 7-7:45am can be volunteered (Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Pilates etc.). We will put a “volunteer to lead/participate” sheet of paper on the table just outside the training room. This table is where we all sign the attendance sheet (in and out) each day.


Any queries please contact me at the email above, and do note both our mobile numbers in case of last minute coordination:

Leona – 0403 125 332 (try me first)

Simon – 0418 321 254



Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the week together…






Hi everyone

Welcome to Bulletin #3. Only 2 weeks until we all meet for the May retreat.

By now you should have sent me your transport requirements and food preferences so we can make the appropriate arrangements. If you haven’t done so please do so ASAP in the next day or so.


Just to summarise the arrangements:

Transport to Palotti: There are two shuttles.

  1. Leaving the city at 12pm from the Savoy Vibe Hotel on Little Colins Street. Please meet in the foyer. Leona will be on this shuttle and if you need to contact her on the day please call 0403 125 332.
  2. Leaving Tullamarine Airport at 4pm. The name of the shuttle company is AXB Shuttle Service and you will be picked up from the VIP Point 3 in Terminal 3 (Virgin Airlines). You can congregate inside the terminal at this point and the driver will locate you as a group at 4pm. Please see attached map.

Later arrival? please contact Leona 0403 125 332 ASAP, otherwise make your own way via taxi or uber or shebah (public transport is very indirect and slow)


Food: If you have any snacks and specialist foods (including plunger coffee) please remember to bring them with you to Palotti. You can store them in the kitchen attached to the accommodation wing. There are small, country generalist supermarkets nearby but I wouldn’t rely on being able to buy a range of gluten free, paleo or vegan products.


Personal Care Products:  Please bring unscented personal care products as some participants may have sensitivities and allergies to fragrances. Note there are no irons or hairdryers in rooms, again bring yours if you need this.


Clothing: The weather can be variable in May (average temp 14-19C/ 55-67F days and 10-15C/ 50-57F overnights, and it rains about half the days depending) so check your 14day weather app when packing to ensure you bring clothes that will keep you warm/cool/comfy. In the evenings the temperature can drop even if the days are warm, so bring along something warm for after sunset. You are advised to bring covered shoes and long pants for bushwalking. There are sealed roads including the long driveway (though a little steep) for walking too, with very light traffic.


Internet: Remember there is no wifi at Palotti. You will be using your mobile phone data so be aware of how much data apps such as Skype, Netflix, YouTube etc. use as they automatically default to HD/4G which is data hungry. I know, I chewed through a nearly my whole month of data watching one Netflix movie at the last retreat!!!

Any questions please feel free to call or email.



Leona Dawson
Mob: 0403 125 332




Hi everyone

Welcome to Bulletin#2 which will cover time sensitive dates and some helpful links for getting IFS-ready for your retreat.


  1. Transport to/from Palotti – if you haven’t already done so, and you want to catch the shuttle to/from Palotti, please let Leona know by email. She will book your seat. Include your flight details.
  2. Food/Diet – if you haven’t already done so please let Leona know about any dietary requirements/restrictions. While the kitchen has a good reputation for meeting all kinds of dietary requirement as per your preferences on the application form or email responses, if you wish to eat other foods for any meal, please bring your own or stop to shop on the way in. You can shop at at Yarra Junction (the health food shop in the arcade best), or make a trip to Warburton (10min further on along the valley). Millgrove village (closest) has only a small IGA supermarket, bakery, newsagent. You can store your personal food supplies in the fridge located in kitchen in your accommodation wing.
  3. Compulsory Teleconferences: 

Put these dates in your calendar. You need to attend both teleconferences (unless something urgent/medical emergency occurs).

                Teleconference #1:  Friday 15th June at 6pm (EDT US time) = Saturday 16th June 2018 ~ 0900-1100 AEST (Sydney/Melb times)

                Teleconference #2: Friday 14th July at 6pm (EDT US time) = Saturday 14th July 2018 ~ 0900-1100 AEST (Sydney/Melb times)

Please connect to these meetings and seminars on Zoom. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/8918613805




You might like to look at some of these great resources between now and the retreat



There are plenty more at the Centre for Self-Leadership bookstore along with DVD’s, streaming videos, conference recordings and much more. You can read more about IFS and other international trainings. Also enrol for their newsletter there too.


You can watch Derek Scott’s Youtube series. You can also listen to Beth Rogerson’s podcast – The Therapy Spot




Leona & Simon



Update and key information – Australian IFS Level 1 retreat 

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first of four (4) Bulletins leading up your Level 1 IFS training and retreat with Mary Kruger.

Bulletin #1           19 March                             General information & dates

Bulletin #2           16 April                 Current arrangements,  course preparation, your FAQs

Bulletin #3           07 May                 Final arrangements – critical dates & times, remember to pack these items for life at Palotti, more FAQs

Bulletin #4           13 May                 Last minute checks, contact phone numbers for the shuttle, Leona & Simon  (just in case), the final FAQs




Arrive in Melbourne on 13th May if you are not a local. A shuttle will go to Palotti College at 12pm (priority given to Trainers and Program Assistants who need to attend an early afternoon pre-training meeting). The second shuttle departs at 4pm.

The course commences 8.30 am on 14th May.

The course finishes early afternoon 20th May. Depart Palotti by shuttle around 2:30pm. You should be able to catch flights from 6pm.



The venue is Pallotti College in Millgrove – before Warburton at 80 McNamaras Rd, Wesburn VIC 3799



The accommodation is simple and clean, the venue was designed for spiritual formation of the Pallottin brothers in the 60’s.  Be prepared to take a trip down memory lane if you are of a certain vintage.

  • Your bedroom: Linen is supplied but not toiletries, hairdryers or irons. Your room has a basin, wardrobe, desk, chair.
  • Community space: Each wing has shared meeting areas and a small kitchen/dining room. They hold a basic kettle, microwave and a fridge. Tea & instant coffee, plain biscuits and some fresh fruit is available. Laundry facilities are available. Please discuss with Leona or Simon who will ascertain the best times once we arrive.
  • Eating: Breakfast is self served in the meeting combo kitchen rooms in the wing of your floor level. You will find supplied cereals, muesli, toast (GF bread too), OJ and milk. Instant coffee and tea (black, green and herbal) – feel free to bring your own particular requirements. Morning & afternoon tea are supplied adjacent to our training room. Lunch and dinner meals are shared in the main dining room and the kitchen usually performs well with a roster of volunteers and a professional chef. We will also join in a roster for some light kitchen duties each day as part of the venue’s daily routine.
  • NB. A fruit salad can be assembled each evening for the following morning, so if there is participant interest we need to do the chopping and shopping (please reply to let Leona and myself know if you are interested in being part of the fruit salad team).
  • Personal food: While the kitchen has a good reputation for meeting all kinds of dietary requirement as per your preferences on the application form or email responses. If you wish to eat other foods for any meal, please bring your own or stop to shop on the way in at Yarra Junction (the health food shop in the arcade best), or make a trip to Warburton (10min further on along the valley). Millgrove village (closest) has only a small IGA supermarket, bakery, newsagent. You can store your personal food supplies in the fridge located in kitchen in your accommodation wing.
  • Wifi: There is no wi-fi, but adequate 4G from Telstra and Optus if required. There is emergency hotspot access to the office if required but this is not available generally for participants. Please come ready to let go your smartphone loving parts for a few days (start talking to them now).
  • Car parking should be adequate at the front of the building at the top of the hill, or if full go the rear where there is a second carpark.
  • Self-care: Please do feel free to bring your own particular requirements especially for breakfast, snacks, bath or supper. Please consider using non-perfumed personal products during the retreat as we may have participants with sensitivities to scents.

Please feel free to email me any questions and I will add a FAQ section to BULLETIN #2 which you can expect around 16th April.


All best

Simon and Leona
Leona Dawson

Mobile: 0403 125 332