In the case that the official requirements ban all large group gatherings temporarily, all IFSA tickets will be refunded. We will follow the directions from governmental health authorities and act to protect your health and the health of the broader community at all times. 

We are keeping a close watch on this developing situation, and we hope the impacts are less extreme than feared. A healthy immune system is your best defence, and is supported by buoyant experiences and good diet, sleeping and exercise. Nevertheless we will take advice from the best sources we can, and to recommend that all participants take good precautions in line with medical advice (frequent hand washing, sneeze or cough into disposable tissues or your elbow, minimise hugging and touch, self-quarantine if feeling flu-like symptoms etc).

In light of the current warnings and how it may affect upcoming events and travel in Australia, please see some further information for your reference;

Please also link here for another take on the situation; 

COVID-19 – another take

Australia’s chief medical officer Brendan Murphy has addressed Australia’s toilet paper hoarding behaviour as he urged the public to behave as they usually would.

“At the moment, there is no reason to put a mask on when you are walking around the shops, there is no reason to stop going to football matches or community activities, there is no reason to dilute the shelves of lavatory paper in the supermarkets. We should continue a normal activity, we should watch the development of this and, we will focus on any outbreaks and control.” Last Updated: 13:22, 5th March 2020.

While we do hope that this ‘pandemic’ will be reasonably contained, we support fully these advices and recommended precautions. We have not seen this virus before and have no native immunity as defense against it. Tremendous worldwide efforts are being made to understand the molecular and clinical virology of this virus. However there will be NO drugs or vaccines available this year to protect us or limit the infection within us. Only symptomatic support is available. That, and our naturally resilient immune systems. 


1) No handshaking. Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

2) Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches. elevator buttons, etc.. Lift the petrol dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.

3) Open doors with your closed fist or hip – do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on bathroom and post office/commercial doors.

4) Use disinfectant wipes at the stores when they are available, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery carts.

5) Wash your hands with hot water and soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever you return home from ANY activity that involves locations where other people have been.

6) Keep a bottle of sanitizer available at each of your home’s entrances. AND in your car for use after getting petrol or touching other contaminated objects when you can’t immediately wash your hands.

7) If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more.