Key Personnel

IFS Trainings Australia 

Simon d’Orsogna is a Psychotherapist with a Clinical Masters in Systemic Family Therapy, and training in Adult Developmental coaching with Harvard professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Based in Melbourne Victoria, he is the US IFS Institute’s Partner and IFS training organiser in Australia and NZ. Over the last fifteen years he has developed and led trainings in a variety of experiential and group learning approaches including Coherence Therapy, and applied Polyvagal Theory and since 2015 has organised and run more than 280 days of IFS workshops and trainings. He completed his Level 3 IFS training in Sheffield, UK in 2019.

Simon has led the introduction of the IFS model to Australia, NZ and SE Asia offering workshops and training since 2015. Previously he was a member of Jay Earley’s online Advanced Practice Group before bringing US therapist Bonnie Weiss to Australia for an annual series of workshops. In 2017 the Center for Self Leadership/IFS Institute invited him to become their partner in running workshops and official certification trainings in Australia and the region. Currently there are a series of official certification Level 1 trainings offered, as well as visiting IFS practitioners and Introductory events. He organised and attended the Level 2 Trauma and Neuroscience training (the first time offered outside of the USA) in December 2018 in Hoi An, Vietnam. Introductory lectures and workshops have been ongoing across Australia and New Zealand, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

In 2018 Simon completed the Level 2 ‘Intimacy from the Inside Out’ (IFIO – IFS informed couples work) training with Toni Herbine-Blank in the UK, as well as presenting on ‘Memory Reconsolidation and IFS’ at the International IFS Conference in Providence, Rhode Island in December. In 2019-20 he organised a second Level 2 training (and the first-ever hybrid-online event), as well as the inaugural Polyvagal Theory in Practice course. 2020 and COVID-19 required the first all-online IFS Level 1 training, as well as online IFS workshops for Legacy Burdens, Parenting, Grief, and Introductory and ongoing small learning groups. 

Simon’s clinical work normalises the inevitable cycles of disorganisation and coherence, of messy stuckness and calm between heightened moments that signal our adult growth and self-elaboration.

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Simon is a La Trobe University alumni, a member of the International Association of Integrative Coach-Therapists (UK);  member of the McLean Institute of Coaching (Harvard University affiliate);  Associate Instructor with the Coherence Psychology Institute; and an Associate Member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists.

A series of Level 1 trainings are proposed for the coming year. See the Events page for details, and join the email list for updates and early notification.

Chris Clay is a Canberra-based Registered Psychologist with endorsements in Counselling Psychology and Organisational Psychology, having worked in organisations settings in her early career and now being self-employed in private practice. She is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in experiential psychotherapies, and has assisted at a number of training and workshop events.

Mary Sdraulig been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. Her work is informed by various trainings over the years: initially Soul Centred Psychotherapy and later with Internal Family Systems. Her interests and professional development also include Dream work (CG Jung), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, and Hypnosis. Mary is Level 2 trained in IFS and has assisted at a number of training and workshop events, including as Lead Assistant in the 2020 online L1 event.

“I understand my role as facilitating and exploring the landscape of the psyche, both in the conscious and unconscious forms through the body, mind and soul. The psyche is like a house with many rooms and many parts and l walk with you in rooms those known and unknown to assist in resolutions.”

Emma Diamond is a psychotherapist, Counsellor and group therapist in private practice in Coffs Harbour NSW and online. Emma has fifteen years of experience working extensively with children, families, couples and individuals to support understanding, insight, connection, growth and wellbeing. Working with creativity, curiosity and compassion Emma supports clients to safely connect with themselves and with those they are in relationship with to champion hope and healing.

Emma is Level 2 trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy, and has assisted at a number of training and workshop events. She is a passionate advocate for trauma informed child-led therapy and has been extensively trained to work with children who have experiences with abuse and neglect. She has also trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy for children and their parent/ carers. Both these therapies look at the relational dynamics between people in order to repair and restore safety and connection.