Becoming our Compassionate Self

Integrating Parts of Ourselves Into the Process of Spiritual Awakening With Dick Schwartz and Lama John Makransky (40min)

This video contains selected highlights to give you a taste of this groundbreaking, historic event. To experience this workshop in full, it is available at the IFS store…just click here:….

On March 30th 2019 – a bright crisp early Spring day in Cambridge, Massachusetts – a gathering was held at the Cambridge Friends Meeting House. This day was an opportunity for an enthusiastic audience to witness a continuing conversation – a meeting of minds – between Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of IFS or Internal Family Systems and Lama John Makransky, developer of ICT or Innate Compassion Training – which is derived from Tibetan Buddhism. Offered as a daylong workshop, there were conceptual presentations, experiential guided practices, a video presentation and animated, inspiring conversation about spiritual practice and the many parallels and potential synergy between IFS and Tibetan Buddhism. Please enjoy these selected highlights. If you want to experience the workshop in full, please click here:….